Hayley Filippini Update

December 2012
Hayley was diagnosed with pineoblastoma in February 2011. Pineoblastoma is an extremely rare inoperable brain tumor.
Hayley underwent high-dose chemotherapy, high-dose radiation, proton therapy, two brain surgeries, etc. We are so blessed and thankful to God that Hayley is doing so well. We realize that it is only by the grace of God that Hayley is healthy, happy, and beautiful. Hayley has quarterly full brain and spine MRIs, spinal taps, blood tests, etc. Her last tests were in November, and everything looks clear. Her next scans and tests are scheduled for February which will include endocrinology appointments as well as an EKG, hearing test, vision test, echocardiogram, etc. She is at an ideal weight at this point, and her doctors are very pleased with her progress. She is at a high risk for thyroid issues, so we will continue to monitor this with the assumption that she will require Synthroid shortly. Hayley’s only issue is her lack of hair. Her eyebrows and eyelashes have grown in fully, but the hair on her head is very patchy and growing slowly. We are thankful that this is all we have to worry about at this time. Thank you to the Shannon Daley Memorial Fund for their support of Hayley during our ordeal.

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